1. Calibration (traceable
    to N.I.S.T.)
2. Repair service
3. Rental scales
4. Custom design &   
5. Welding
6. Automation

7. Restoration
8. Movie Props
9. Used Equipment

  1. Lab balances
  2. Counting scales
  3. Floor scales
  4. Cranescales
  5. Deli scales
  6. Label printing scales
  7. Shipping scales
  8. Farmstand scales
  9. Batching controllers
10. Printers
11. POS interface
12. Force gauges
13. Pallet weighers
14. Washdown scales
15. Medical scales
16. Tank scale systems
17. Hopper scales
18. Price computing
19. Battery powered
20. Veterinary Scales
21. Physician's scales
22. Infant scales
23. Wheelchair scales
24. Hoyer lift scales
25. Bench scales
26. Barrel and Drum        
27. Torque Gauges
28. Conveyor Scale
* Calibration (traceable to N.I.S.T.)
Four levels to fit your needs, from no report to comprehensive report for ISO registered companies.
LEVEL 1 Scale model and serial number are listed on job slip. Calibration label with date, technicians initials and
due date is affixed to scale.
LEVEL 2 Scale model and serial number are listed on job slip and a compliance is sent to the State of CT
Dept. of Consumer Protection. This is required by state law any where something is bought or sold by weight.
LEVEL 3 Scale model, serial number, capacity & graduation, weight applied, initial reading, final reading along with
test numbers that trace the weights used back to NIST are recorded on a report/cert.
LEVEL 4 Includes all in level 3 along with multi point weight application and readings, corner test and calibration
specification (tolerance) to which your scale is being calibrated, on an individual report/cert for each scale.
The report is then reviewed with your company representative and any problems brought to their attention.
Your company rep then signs off on the report.